Welcome – YSN Vol. 2, No. 1


   Abha Gupta, PhD
YSN Editor in Chief

Greetings and Namaste, from the Editorial Board!

We are pleased to present this second edition of the online newsletter Yoga Setu Newsletter (YSN) for our growing yoga community.

Each edition includes regular features on Yoga Events (locally and globally), a Calendar of Events, Yoga Quotes, and other relevant articles and items of interest. This issue highlights an inspiring interview with Shri Chawla, a California-based entrepreneur, who opted for yoga therapy in lieu of bypass surgery for his heart condition.

We have also included a section that features letters to the Editor, in response to a need expressed by members of the yoga community. Brief letters (maximum 350 words) may be submitted to contact@taksha.org to be considered for inclusion in YSN. They must be received within four months of an edition’s publication, and all accepted letters will undergo the editing process without changing the substantive content. We invite readers to write and share their thoughts on yoga and health with us and others in the community.

In addition, ‘Opinion Pieces’ (maximum 500 words) on a relevant issue of yoga and health will also be considered for publication. We encourage you to use this platform as a sounding board, to exchange, share, or express ideas among the readership.

Send your submissions to us at contact@taksha.org , or mail them to Yoga Setu Newsletter, c/o Taksha Institute, 21 Enterprise Pkwy, Ste. 150, Hampton, VA 23606.

~ Editorial Board